USA won the EMF Nations Games

After two days of a high-class minifootball in Galanta, we have got a new champion.

USA won the EMF Nations Games

Team USA won in the final game of the tournament 2:1 after penalties (0:0 Full-time) against Hungary. The thrilling match with a couple of great moments from both teams. That is the final that everyone wantedThe host country Slovakia ended up in the 3rd place.

Team USA won the EMF Nations Games 2023 held in Galanta, Slovakia without a defeat. After wins in the group stage against Hungary (3:1) and Bulgaria (3:1), they won both penalty dramas in the knockout stage. First against Romania in semifinal when they won 3:1 after penalties (2:2 full-time) and then against Hungary in the final 2:1 (0:0 full-time).

3rd place game was also an absolute blockbuster. Slovakia clinched a win 3:2 against multiple European Champions, Romania. Battle for the 5th place on this tournament between Bulgaria and England was a pure drama as well. First match belonged to the Bulgarians when they won 5:4, but in the second one England made a comeback and won 4:3. Penalties had to decide. And they did. Bulgaria won in the penalty shootout 3:2 and ended up 5th.

Final standings

  1. USA
  2. Hungary
  3. Slovakia
  4. Romania
  5. Bulgaria
  6. England

The best goalkeeper – Boris Pardo (USA)

The best player – Sebastian Mendez (USA)

The best goalscorer – Franck Tayou (USA)